Residential Fire Damage Repair

Residential Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Residential repair and restoration caused by fire damage can be a daunting task. When homeowners in British Columbia have a lot on their plate, they may not immediately prioritze the clean up process, this may have large and costly ramifications later on.

Being able to concentrate on other matters while allowing the certified professionals at Western Environmental Solutions in Victoria, B.C to begin fire damage repair can be invaluable. Heat, smoke, flames, soot, and water damage are all things that are addressed in the complete restoration of a property.

During fire repair, contractors immediately assess the residential property for signs of discoloration and corrosion.
Silver, glass, china, crystal, carpet, flooring, countertops, and furniture are all thoroughly examined.
Items of monetary and sentimental value can be salvaged by acting quickly, negating the often irreversable affects that are sustained over time.
Some items may be able to be salvaged with soap and a sponge, and a ceiling fan may be able to lighten some faint odors. However, heavy soot build up, corrosion control, water damage that occurred during extinguishing the fire, and removal of engrained odors are best left for residential resoration contractors, and technicians.
We are a certified contractor in B.C. Which means we have the training, and documentation to address all fire damage and restoration questions, needs, and concerns. Some important points for consumers to note when selecting the service provider are;

The company has all health and safety certificates in order.
A vast knowledge and breadth of experience are held in a variety of restoration skills.
Proof is held of professional licenses and any applicable insurance.
What sets Victoria B.C’s Western Environemental Solutions apart as leaders in fire repair is their ability to utilize sophisticated equipment in order to fully neutralize and eliminate odors. With this specialized equipment, such as thermal foggers, walls and carpets can remain intact, while odor neutralizing particles are dispersed. Again helping to minimize costs by restoring existing items, instead of replacing them.

If the structural integrity of the property is compromised, contractors and experts are needed. This may involve a collaboration within our extended network of suppliers in Victoria B.C, which include environmental consultants, and other industry specialists, in order to complete your project efficiently and effectively.  Visit us at